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You can use the free service provided by to search for new users to chat to on your kik messenger. Kik Community is a social network aimed specifically at the kik messenger community, it gives them a safe and secure place to share share there kik usernames and make new friends.

Once you have signed up you can instantly start chatting to new people or search through an active directory of thousands of users world wide. You can use the search feature to find new users local to you, search by age, gender, country, city, town and interests all for free.

If you haven’t got kik messenger yet then you can download it after you have logged in, or you can visit and download it directly from there. Kik messenger is a free instant messenger that’s not only fast but very reliable and stable, it has already attracted well over 50 million users world wide! It can be downloaded and installed on any phone or device, you can also download it on to pc and macs.

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The great thing about technology is having the ability to communicate and interact with people all round the world, and do it for free!

One of the most popular instant messengers which is being used world wide right now and has over 50 million users is the Kik messenger. Its a powerful light weight instant messenger that comes jam packed full of fun features, it also takes users privacy and security very serious, there are tons of features to protect you and make your experience a safe one. As well as having loads of features it is also very fast and very reliable, which means sending a message to the other side of the world lightning quick.

Coming from the technology and programming field, I can see why the kik messenger has become as popular as it has. You communicate with other users by sharing your kik username, to send a message to someone you need to know there kik username.

If you’re like me and enjoy chatting to new people you will have to sign up to the kik messenger social network, from there you can search for users locally and share your kik usernames safely. Never post your kik usernames on forums, blogs or public sites, always use a trusted site like the kik social network. is the leading kik messenger social network, it allows you to search for users world wide and even in your own town

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It’s a mile-stone day for as they have been voted the number one kik messenger website. Its actually designed to be a social network and is the hunting ground for all kik users looking to swap kik usernames and make new kik friends.

Kik Community has been running for 8 months now and have grown tenfold. It was released in January 2013 and was a instant hit from day one. You cant find new users to chat to without signing up to, once you have registered you can then start searching for new contacts by age, gender, country, city, interests and more, all for free.

Thousands of kik users sign up to each and every day, Kik community helps connects millions of users every month.

As KC has been created to run like a social network you find tons of features to keep you busy and keep you coming back. They also make it as easy as possible for you to find new contacts and to interact with new users.

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